Pallet Fork Carrier

Pallet Fork Carriers work by removing the pallet forks off the machine’s tool carrier and fitting them to the Pallet Fork Carrier. When working between pallet forks and other implements this reduces time to change between implements as the pallet forks are locked into the Pallet Fork Carrier and can be attached via the hooks. The Carrier still has the advantage of floating within prior limits. On JCB types a retainer is fitted to hook back pallet forks over the carriage whilst travelling on a road. There are 3 variants for JCB depending on the Pallet Fork slide bar and one for Merlo.

Pallet Fork Carrier JCB 350  JCB 400 JCB 500 MERLO
Capacity, kg 3500 4000 5000 4000
Bar Diameter, cm 50 57 57 N/A
Weight, kg 150 150 155 95


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