Smart practical design

The design of the loader beam means that the Versa-X matches today’s modern tractors in a unique manner. The fact that it has the lowest knee placement on the market also means that is has superb side visibility.


Superb visibility

No hydraulic hoses that block visibility, low placement of the cross tube and lowest knee on the market. The Versa-X enables optimum visibility in all situations, including in the dark, as the tractor lights are not blocked.


Reliability details

The Versa-X has bushings at all the vital points and all galvanised pins have rubber washers that keep the grease in place - details that ensure almost unbeatable service-friendliness and duration.


Convenient automatic implement

A smart function that ensures the implement is always correctly attached and that its locking pins are always in the locked position. Locking is automatic when crowding back.


Strong subframe and bearing box

The heavy-duty dimensions of the subframe are the same as on our world-leading Plus loaders. Together with the inwardly curved design of the bearing box, this gives the Versa-X loader a formidable torsional rigidity and stability.


Bearing box for older tractors

The Versa-X loader can also be supplied with a bearing box for older generation subframe systems.


See Trima with your own eyes

Sometimes words are just not enough. On the special Trima channel on YouTube you'll find videos of the loaders and the implements, and the typical Trima features.

Parallel Loaders
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Technical Specifications for X56




Lifting force at 195 bar

  1. 2,520 kg at pivot pin, ground level

    1,600 kg at pivot pin, max. lift height

  2. 2,080 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, ground level

    1,890 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, 1.5 m lift height

    1,680 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, max. lift height

  3. 2,740 kg max. rollback  force 800 mm from pivot pin


frontloaderspec_legend_1.pngLifting force at pivot pin
frontloaderspec_legend_2.pngLifting force 800 mm from pivot pin
frontloaderspec_legend_3.pngMax. rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin

Working angles*

43° max. crowd angle. 46° max. dump angle

Lift height

3.90 metres at pivot pin
3.66 metres under level implement*

*Varies depending on implement.

Tractor Size

Approx. 70-120 hp. 51-90 kW and/or

Loader weight

440 kg

Rec. tractor weight

5,200 kg

Accessories and Implements

If you are looking to push productivity up a notch or two. Or comfort. Or ergonomics. Our broad range of accessories and implements will enable you to get the most out of your Trima loader.

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User-friendly 3rd function

Options and additional functions which increase the usability of the loader and the tractor, and can enable the use of implements with Grip function.

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Hydraulic pallet fork attachment

More productive and more comfortable

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